Transferred to the operating table, additional medications will be administered and once you are completely unconscious a breathing tube will be placed in your throat. A small incision is made in your abdomen to facilitate the insertion of the laparoscope. buy cheap viagra There is a camera on the laparoscope that allows the doctor to see your internal organs without making a large incision. cheap viagra online Another incision, this one much smaller, is made to allow a tube to be inserted. Sterile air is pushed through this tube into your abdomen. viagra for sale in northern ireland Once your abdomen is inflated, the doctor can see the entire area much easier and access areas that would have otherwise been blocked from view. viagra date d'expiration The doctor will basically look around for anything out of the ordinary. Endometrial lesions and endometrioma will be removed with a laser, but also shifted ovaries can be returned to the correct position and anchored, and likely many other beneficial procedures. order viagra online The doctor will take many pictures, both before and after shots, for your patient file. generic viagra reviews Once the surgery is complete, the air is released and your abdomen deflates. generic viagra online The incisions are sealed externally with glue, probably stitches internally, but for the life of me i can’t remember what they said (that darn versed). The breathing tube is removed and a medication is administered to slightly reverse the affects of the anesthesia. You will be moved to the recovery area until you become more fully conscious, and then returned to the outpatient area that you started in. viagra orodispersible bayer kaufen The doctor will then come speak to you about the surgery: what was found, what was done to treat it, your prognosis, etc. viagra generic You will be given a prescription for painkillers, and if you are in pain (anesthesia is very much different from painkillers) you will be given a dose of the medication prescribed. viagra generico en canada Once you are able to sit up and feel ready to leave, you will be taken by wheelchair to the car. liquid viagra dosage You will be under restrictions for 2 weeks following your surgery. Abdominal surgery requires cutting abdominal muscles, and the abdomen is your core, it is.